‚ÄčEarcom is a creative audio production company, providing sound design, music  and mixing services for games, VR/AR, television, radio and installations.

music production

High quality  production music that's original & interesting. From the quirky or esoteric to the mainstream.

sound design

 Imaginative sound design sourced from original bespoke material. We specialise in creating all original sounds, covering location recordings, studio sessions and electronic sound design.

generative/procedural audio development

 We are world leaders in creating generative and procedural audio works, having designed and built several custom software solutions for games and retail spaces.

audio direction

 It's the experience that matters, strong creative, technical and personnel management is at the heart of what we deliver.

Showreel 2019

The audio is simply spectacular. Jazz and traditional pop are used to create a slightly uneasy mood where you're never sure what's coming next.

Sam Mathews

Rene Jordan

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