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Earcom is run by Paul Weir whose audio credits includes over forty games across multiple platforms, dozens of installed generative soundscapes, TV documentaries, radio dramas, adverts, trailers, film & corporate videos.

Recent projects include the  games, The Last Campfire & No Man's Sky and the VR surgery training company, Fundamental VR.

Earcom regularly works with Microsoft's London studios to provide a one-stop audio solution for their HoloLens AR projects and video production department.


Earcom's speciality is to combine the latest technical innovations with the creative art of audio production and have lead the field in commercial generative music production having developed several custom software solutions.

Paul also regularly gives talks about audio production and game audio in particular having spoken to GDC, Develop, Sonar+ and Ludomusicology 2019. He also runs the highly regarded  game audio workshop module for Aalto University in Helsinki. 

Paul is a member of the Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS).

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